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Objectively measuring the progress of CP threatment

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  • Objectively measuring the progress of CP threatment


    I am a pediatric physiotherapist and I work with children with cerebral palsy.

    One of the problems that I've encountered in my work is: how to objectively asses the quality of a treatment?

    It seems to me that all too often we rely on discrete events, for example weather the patient is able to perform a task, but without taking into account the quality of performance.

    My question is: does anyone know of a method that could be used to objectively measure both the progress of therapy (and the quality of performing a task)

    My idea is to somehow compare the center of gravity and muscle activity when a patient is performing a task with "normal" data gathered when healthy people perform the same task. The difference between this data would then be used to measure the quality of a task and the overall progress.

    This idea is based on the observation that children with CP have problems with moving their center gravity; when they do this there muscles react with abnormal muscle tonus. This increases with the difficulty of a task.

    I would be greatefull with any pointers tips, ideas that you could offer

    Thank you,