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  • Anatonomical Kinesiology Software Options

    Good Morning,

    Does anyone have experience using any Anatonomical Kinesiology software for teaching in a undergraduate university setting? If so, would you be willing to provide some recommendations (including software pricing)? I was recently referred to 3D4 Medical (website: as a starting point but I'm not familiar with this application. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Anatonomical Kinesiology Software Options

    Hi! Nolizwe Nondabula.

    I am using the Muscle+Skeletal Anatomy App of same 3D4medical in iPad.
    Products of 3D4medical are excellent and easy to use. But is not adequate to learn anatomy because anatomical contents(explain and theorical parts) are poor.
    If you using sub-material, Products are excellent sub-material.
    Generally, Anatomical images in a book are difficult to understand about a structure of muscle and bone.
    The products are support 3D images of muscle and bone and zoom-in, zoom-out.
    You can see the only one msucle or bone by removed other parts and input yours note.
    Price of Product in Mac expensive than it in iPad.