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  • Gait Analysis data required

    Hello dear colleagues,
    I am working on the simulation of a wearable robot, and after reviewing the literature, I found that I need the the gait analysis data of Kirtley, Linskell and Winter. Unfortunately these data are not found any more in the references provided by the literature. I am new to bio-mechanics, and I hope you can provide me with these data or links to them. Are such type of data available for free or not?

    I also need to know how to extract data from c3d files, and why the most of gait analysis data come in this special format?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Gait Analysis data required

    This question has been asked many times on Biomch-L. Please use the search box to find those postings.

    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


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      Re: Gait Analysis data required

      The search will go so much better if the names are spelled correctly e.g. Kirtley, Linskell and Winter - unlike Google, the search engine here does not fix my typos.