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Information requirements 'first level' sports biomechanics class/unit text book

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  • Information requirements 'first level' sports biomechanics class/unit text book

    Hi everyone, I have been invited to write a 3rd edition of the text book 'Sports Biomechanics: The Basics'. The book is written for students at university level, although it can be used in senior secondary schools. The book contains 18 short chapters, each written to answer a sports-related question whilst explaining biomechanics principles. The book was designed to be 'easy to read' rather than a detailed scientific manuscript. Major topics covered in the book include: linear motion, angular motion, projectile motion, Newton's Laws and torque, momentum/impulse, work/energy/power, aero/hydro/fluid dynamics, the Magnus Effect, friction, collisions, and the kinetic chain.

    I will be able to include additional chapters, so I'm writing this post to invite your thoughts as to what topics you consider most important in a basic or first-level biomechanics class/unit. I have not previously included topics such as 2-D and 3-D motion analysis, EMG or force recording (including force platforms) because these might be considered more advanced concepts. If you consider these are important, would a chapter or information on data processing (basic filtering, etc.) also be needed? Perhaps you teach these in a basic or first-level class/unit and therefore need this in a basic text book?

    Another option is to include chapters on 'how we walk', 'how we run', 'how we throw', the stretch-shorten cycle, etc., because this is what is important to coaches and physical education teachers.

    I would appreciate any feedback or ideas from teachers. I am very keen to use this opportunity to include the topics seen as most important by the sports biomechanics community, but unfortunately there are limitations on what information can be included.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
    Anthony Blazevich.