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  • gait symmetry

    Hello all,

    I would like to know if anyone has a clue whether there is symmetry in kinematic and kinetic parameters for normal healthy people.

    I also would like to know which parameters can be the criteria for proving the gait symmetry between lower extremities. Can someone refer to peaks of kinematic and kinetics of knee as asymmetrical pattern during daily activities such as walking and stair negotiation?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: gait symmetry

    The review below is a good place to start for gait symmetry.

    Sadeghi, H., Allard, P., Prince, F., & Labelle, H. (2000). Symmetry and limb dominance in able-bodied gait: A review. Gait and Posture, 12, 34–45.


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      Re: gait symmetry

      Hi Maryam,

      During my PhD work at Ohio State, our group did a collaborative study with Stanford looking at joint moment symmetry during walking in healthy subjects. We found more asymmetry than we expected in nearly all lower extremity joint moments. Our paper is:

      Becky Lambach
      Research Biomedical Engineer
      VA Palo Alto Health Care System
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