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  • $3,000 Trial & Error Prize

    Given this forum's interest in biomechanics, we thought you might be interested in the Trial & Error Prize, which aims to incentivise the publication of ‘negative’ results, using an open review and crowd-voting system. Through this Prize, we hope to propel innovation in spinal cord injury (SCI) research through collaboration and information sharing.

    The Trial & Error Prize is part of the ground-breaking CPN Challenge Program which will give up to $10 million in prizes and grants over the next 10 years for those who can provide significant improvements in the quality of life of people living with spinal cord injury. To increase the success of this Challenge, we believe that it is important to create a community whereby people can share their experiences and past research that might not have been successful as they hoped; researchers can learn from each other and thus narrow down pathways of innovation.

    We currently have $3,000 available for our first round of prizes and the deadline is June 1st 2015.You can find out further information on how to enter please click here.
    I have attached a useful infographic outlining the prize. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email

    Kind regards,
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