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Design of New Prosthetic Foot - Need Gait Data

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  • Design of New Prosthetic Foot - Need Gait Data

    I am part of a senior project group from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. We are working with Help One Walk International (HOW) to develop a highly functional, easily manufactured, and robust prosthetic leg for patients in Mozambique and around the world. The founders of HOW were inspired by a Mozambican 18-year-old woman named Florencia who lost her mobility to an unexpected landmine incident. They have been working with Florencia to secure legal status and the ability to travel to Jaipur, India and be fit with one of the most widely used prostheses in the developing world, the Jaipur Foot. Despite fulfilling the basic, functional requirements of a leg, the prosthesis' 50-year-old design can be improved. That is where our team comes in.

    As part of the project, I am looking to find the theoretical limit of propulsion that can be obtained from a purely mechanical, prosthetic foot. I have not been able to find any raw, open source ground reaction force data that I could use to determine this. The only things I have been able to find are graphs and summary data. Ideally, I would like three-dimensional reaction forces at each phase of the gait cycle for the foot (it would be a bonus to find data that was segmented between the different parts of the foot also, that is a long shot though).

    I have spent a week googling and emailing, but have come up with nothing useful. Please post or shoot me an email if you have a lead.