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2 Weeks Left to Enter CPN Challenge - $700,000 of Paralysis Grants

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  • 2 Weeks Left to Enter CPN Challenge - $700,000 of Paralysis Grants

    There is only 2 weeks left (deadline: 21st January) to enter the second round of the CPN Challenge - In this round, we're giving out 12 grants of at least $50,000 across 6 award categories for innovative and novel research related to Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) treatments. Part of a larger Challenge Program, these grants have a quick and straight forward application process, and we’re particularly eager to hear from research(ers) in the following areas:

    - New Investigators (recently hired SCI researchers or established researchers who recently started working on SCI)
    - Collaborative Research (eg: nanotechnology and biochemistry)
    - Cross-Over Research from adjacent scientific fields that can be applied to the field of SCI
    - Translational Research from animal experiments towards human clinical trials
    - Reaching & Grasping (research to help restore reaching and grasping function for human SCI patients)
    - Out of the Box Ideas (risky, high potential research ideas)
    - Sharable Data (The Trial & Error Prize - is looking for research that can be shared so that the SCI community can learn from each other and not duplicate experiments)