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  • marker extrapolation

    Hi there
    Is it possible to extrapolating a missing marker in the end of its path with Vicon bodybuilder software?
    Does anyone know any other way?

    Alireza Nasirzade
    Kharazmi University
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    Re: marker extrapolation

    Hello Alireza,

    If you send an email to they will be able to help you.


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      Re: marker extrapolation


      I'm sure Vicon can help you with this, but basically what you can do is create a virtual marker in the frames you want "interpolated". We do this by just writing two simple bodylanguage scripts to run in Nexus. The first is a static bodylanguage model operation which basically defines offsets of the marker of interest from three other marker on the segment - you ideally want to run this script on a static trial, but it can also be run on a frame during the dynamic trial. The second script is a dynamic bodylanguage model operation where you apply these offsets to the section of the dynamic trial that you want to fill. If you temporarily crop your trial to just include the region you want interpolated, it won't overwrite the rest of the trajectory.

      Now this method is not really "interpolation" and it may leave a small discontinuity in the marker trajectory - it all depends on how much intra-marker movement occurs - but I figured this is what you are looking to accomplish.