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How to subscribe/unsubscribe to forums and threads

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  • How to subscribe/unsubscribe to forums and threads

    You can always read and search the forums, but it can be helpful to receive e-mail notifications of new postings. This option is only available if you have registered and logged in.

    The organization of the site has three levels: Biomch-L has 12 forums (currently), each forum has multiple threads, and each thread has multiple postings. You can subscribe to e-mail notifications for forums and threads.

    If you enter a forum or thread, and you see a button "+SUBSCRIBE", this means that you are not currently subscribed to receive notifications of new postings. To subscribe, simply click the button. The button then changes to "UNSUBSCRIBE".

    I would recommend to go into each forum that you want to keep an eye on, and click the +SUBSCRIBE button. This is definitely recommended for the Literature Update forum!

    Notifications may currently go to your Biomch-L inbox, rather than e-mail. To turn on e-mail notifications, click on your user profile pull-down menu (top right of the page) and select "User Settings". In the Notifications tab, you can turn on e-mail notifications, and you can choose how frequently you want to be notified. While you are there, it is also a good idea to select "subscribe when posting", which subscribes you automatically to the thread when you post something.

    For e-mail notifications to work, make sure your Biomch-L account has your current e-mail address. This is in the Account tab on User Settings.

    If you are unable to log in, and your account does not have a working e-mail address to receive a password reset, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and request a password reset.

    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator
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