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Slow Motion Video Awards--Submissions Solicited

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  • Slow Motion Video Awards--Submissions Solicited

    Dear Biomechanics Colleagues:

    The following announcement may be of interest to you ...

    "Slow Motion" video clips are now being solicited for the following
    awards. Clips must be received no later than 23:59 Japan Standard
    Time (JST) on Monday, October 31.

    Award winners will be announced during the forthcoming
    International Congress on High Speed Imaging and Photonics
    (ICHSIP-31) during the Congress banquet, on November 8.

    My apologies for the late notification. These awards have only
    just been announced.

    ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


    "Slow Motion" images often expose amazing (and frequently
    unexpected movement that our eyes cannot capture. High-speed
    cameras are widely used for research and development by
    universities and industrial laboratories--and to create
    special effects for television broadcasts, advertising and
    the movies. Today, however, slow motion imaging is no longer
    limited to professional cinematographers or industrial journeymen
    with specialized skills. Modern consumer video cameras--and even
    smartphones--enable anyone with basic camera skills to produce
    their own slow motion videos.

    Beyond their scientific uses, slow motion cameras can create clips
    that excite us, cause us to burst out laughing, or simply touch
    our basic emotions. All it takes is a little creativity. In brief,
    the potential of high-speed imaging is enormous!

    To make the art more popular and to encourage existing users to
    brush-up their technical skills, we proudly announce ...


    Slow-motion video clips are being solicited. The submitted clips
    may be taken by ANY camera. Clips will be judged without regard
    for the manufacturer of the camera used to record the clip. Clips
    may be submitted by ANYONE. Submissions are solicited from
    scientists, from school children, from college students and homemakers.
    The are no limits on who may submit a clip for consideration.

    Awards will be made in four (4) categories:

    > Best Overall clip (Winner will receive 200,000 JPY)
    > Best Scientific clip (Winner will receive 50,000 JPY)
    > Best Artistic clip (Winner will receive 50,000 JPY)
    > Most Entertaining clip (Winner will receive 50,000 JPY)

    Plaques and certificates will also be presented during the
    conference banquet.

    The Slow Motion Video Awards are supported by Photron Limited.

    Selection Committee:

    Four distinguished scientists, with expertise ranging from sport to
    art, have agreed to evaluate the entries:


    > Prof. Shin-ichiro Itoh: Kogakuin University
    Fluid dynamics on sports and animals/birds/fish/insects

    Committee Members:

    > Prof. Eleanor Stride: University of Oxford
    Ultrasonics and micro and nanoencapsulation for drug delivery

    > Mr. Ryohei Funatsu: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
    8K-super-resolution video cameras for broadcasting

    > Prof. T. Goji Etoh: Osaka University
    Ultra-high-speed video cameras and their applications


    Eligible submissions must satisfy the following requirements:

    > The clip must be original and previously unreleased to the public.

    > The clip must have been captured at a frame rate of 240 frames per
    second or more (with any kind of camera);

    > The clip must play for at least seven (7) seconds less than sixty (60)

    > Clips deemed to be offensive by the contest organizers will be rejected.
    Decisions in this regard will be at their sole discretion of the
    contest organizers. Appeals will not be allowed.

    > Each applicant may submit up to three (3) clips.

    > All video clips must be received no later than 23:59 Japan Standard Time
    (JST) on Monday, October 31.

    Submission details and other information are provided in the .pdf attachment
    and on the ICHSIP-31 website:

    We look forward to receiving your submissions.

    ***** ***** *****

    Jim Walton (Jim AT
    US National Delegate to ICHSIP-31
    Member, International Science Advisory Board ICHSIP-31