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Predictive equations for T10/T11 joint center

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  • Predictive equations for T10/T11 joint center


    I wondered whether someone knows of predictive equations that roughly localize the T10/T11 joint center based on anatomical landmarks. A joint center in one of the adjacent segments would also be okay. The available markers are ASIS, PSIS, xiphoid, suprasternal, T10 and C7.

    I came around equations for T12/L1 joint [1], but these require markers that are not in our standard marker set (T12 and T8) (although we could perhaps use T10 and MidAsis as an ever more crude approximation of the back surface)

    In case equations for this joint have not been published, we'll probably approximate the relative location of the vertebral body along the line [T10 marker - xyphoid marker] using sagital plane radiographic images. For this, I wonder whether publicly available datasets exist from which we can derive this.



    Ben van Basten

    [1] Reed, M. P., Manary, M. A., & Schneider, L. W. (1999). Methods for Measuring and Representing Automotive Occupant Posture. Society of Automotive Engineers, (724).