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How to get parameter ranges of muscle model

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  • How to get parameter ranges of muscle model

    I have built an LSM (link-segment model) of upper body with some muscles. I used hill muscle for the muscles, and so i need values of muscle parameters to solve the model. I don't need exact values but their physiologic ranges. I wonder if you can help me where to find them?

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    Re: How to get parameter ranges of muscle model

    There are many publications that include parameter values. For arm muscles, a good source is the paper by Garner and Pandy (maybe 12 years ago). You will probably need to do a literature review for your research, so you should find those publications anyway.

    Another way to get muscle parameter values is to download an Opensim model from Those include parameter values, but you should carefully look at the sources. Ideally, those models come with a published paper that has all the references.

    Ton van den Bogert


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      Re: How to get parameter ranges of muscle model

      Hi Mohammad,

      These references are a bit dated too (older than Ton's) but they both include summaries of muscle parameters for the upper body:

      Yamaguchi GT, Sawa AGU, Moran DW, Fessler MJ, Winters JM (1990). A survey of human musculotendon actuator parameters. In: Winters JM, Woo SL (eds.), Multiple Muscle Systems, 717-773. Berlin: Springer.

      Van der Helm FCT, Yamaguchi GT (2000). Morphological data for the development of musculoskeletal models: an update. In: Winders JM (ed.), Biomechanics & Neural Control of Posture & Movement, 645-658. Berlin: Springer.

      They are both appendices in textbooks so finding electronic copies of them may be difficult. The Yamaguchi 1990 data is pretty easy to find on the web.

      Hope this helps,