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Announcement: release of Builder M2O v1.0

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  • Announcement: release of Builder M2O v1.0

    Builder Mark II – Organ (BuilderM2O) is a pre-processor for musculoskeletal subject-specific models at the organ scale. This freeware allows you to import a variety of biomedical data including medical imaging, segmentation, and finite element data, and fuse them toward the creation of organ scale subject-specific models of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and cartilages.

    Last incarnation of a 17 years long legacy software project named Multimod Application Framework, now discontinued, BuilderM2O provides to the many biomechanics modellers a precious specialised tool for their research projects.

    The software, the manual, and some tutorial data can be download from the Builder M2O web site:

    Due to the limitations of this legacy software, Builder M2O is available only for Windows 32 bits, so it has some severe memory limitations. Also, while we debugged it at the best of our capacities, it is based on obsolete software libraries, which make impossible to remove some instability.

    Builder M2O adds to the suite of freeware applications which were released with the closure of the MAF open source project. This includes the Bonemat application, that maps tissue properties from a CT scan to a finite element model, and the NMSBuilder application, to create subject-specific musculoskeletal dynamics models, to be solved with OpenSim.