Hi everyone and morning,

I'm Sharil (undergraduate) and currently working on a research title "Comparing gait characteristics between gender among students in Health Campus Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan Malaysia".

I have a question regarding the title above,

Normally when I identify the trajectory of marker in QTM, I usually cut the frame so that I can eliminate the fault marker (hard to identify the trajectory such Lateral Ankle marker due lot of surrounding marker went missing) and also each of my label do not reach 100%, will these affect my data during analyse due to cutting frame?

I have try to analyse using one of my subject, they were told to walk in 3 trial and then I analysed as following scenario in Visual3D;

1st scenario:
all walking trials were left uncut (10s long for each file)

2nd scenario:
all walking trials were cut to remove unidentified trajectory (varies in second for each file)

3rd scenario:
all walking trials were cut to fixed time (5s for each file)

Based on all scenario above, in Visual3D report, there are slightly different in result especially spatio-temporal distance data and kinematics graph..

Therefore, which scenario should I choose to analysed in order to get best result?