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3D motion capture using IMU system

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  • 3D motion capture using IMU system

    Hi All,

    I am currently undertaking a PhD on the biomechanics of strongman lifts and am wanting to collect joint/segment angular kinematic data.

    Due to the sport of strongman requiring athletes to lift and often move large/awkward objects the use of a traditional Vicon marker based 3D optical motion capture system is not practical (loss and occlusion of markers is highly likely).

    At the moment I am considering the use of IMU based motion capture (such as the Notch sensor system) as they appear to be reasonably affordable which is quite important.

    Has anyone had experience using the Notch or any other IMU motion capture (and possibly even validating these methods), or have any suggestions of other methods in which I should consider?

    Many thanks for any help you can provide!

    - Ben

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    Re: 3D motion capture using IMU system

    Hi Ben,

    You may want to try Xsens IMUs. seems they can provide 3d data. I haven't used it but you can drop them a message and ask for details.

    Noraxon MyoMotion is another option. But I'm afraid they cannot provide you with 3d position of the segments. However, it is quite good for 3d segment orientations and anatomical angles based on my experience.



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      Re: 3D motion capture using IMU system

      Hi Ben,
      I would suggest the use of the XSens system. I am currently using the system for my PhD, and have had no issue with the system. The support is excellent and there are a large number of references validating the system against VICON, QUALSYS and other systems.

      Brendon Ferrier
      Lecturer in Foundations of Sports Science and Growth and Development in Sport
      School of Applied Sciences
      Edinburgh Napier University


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        Re: 3D motion capture using IMU system

        Hi Sina and Brendon,

        Thank you very much for your replies. I have looked into the Xsens system and it looks perfect for my application however I couldn't help but be interested by the cheaper Notch system or any other solution within that price range as I am on a limited budget.

        Kind Regards,