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    Having done a bit of reading and theorizing about the role of connective tissue in the performance of skeletal muscle ( see link below ) I have begun to wonder if the advantages in sporting performance gained by illegally taking anabolic steroids are ever really lost .

    It is important to note that I am not talking here about medication prescribed by a physician but rather about self medication by athletes looking to improve performance .

    I suspect that large doses of steroids will not only prompt growth of contractile component of skeletal muscle but also growth of the connective tissue matrices that allow muscle to function , and that this expansion of the connective tissue framework within muscle persists for many years after the illegal use of the drugs has ceased . So after 2 years the contractile component of the muscle may return to a more normal volume but the framework necessary for the optimal functioning of hypertrophied muscle may persist .

    Research has shown that the long term misuse of high doses of anabolic steroids can lead to heart failure . In part this can be due to impaired diastolic function, which means that the left ventricle does not fill properly with blood during atrial contraction leading to reduced output from the ventricle when it, in turn , contracts .

    Could steroid abuse cause an increase in the connective tissue component of the cardiac muscle in the wall of the left ventricle effectively turning it into a hard to fill , hollow rubber ball ?

    My understanding is that heart problems caused by steroid abuse can manifest themselves long after abuse has ceased and hence my initial post in this thread.

    If connective tissue growth occurs in heart muscle in response to steroid abuse and if this persists over a long period post abuse , then perhaps the same is true of skeletal muscle .

    Any thoughts ?

    Note - majority of text drawn from recent posts of mine on Podiatry arena

    Hydraulically discrete fascicles in skeletal muscle [Archive ...

    13 Feb 2016 - If the perimysium is sufficiently impermeable then might it be possible that each fascicleis able to function as a hydraulically discrete unit wit