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ASME journals affected by Iran sanctions

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  • ASME journals affected by Iran sanctions

    Hi all,

    I was asked to review for an ASME journal yesterday, the manuscript was from Iran, and a message popped up:

    Due to the application of legal guidance promulgated by the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the United States Department of the Treasury, this paper can only be published as is. You will not be able to enter any substantive comments. Your only choices will be to read and accept or read and reject this paper for publication as submitted.
    It's not clear to me whether the authors are aware of this. This may also affect other U.S. based publishers and societies such as ACSM.

    We see a lot of good biomechanics work coming out of Iran and those authors may want to consider submitting to non-U.S. journals instead. The UK-based Institution for Mechanical Engineers has a set of journals similar to ASME, but they use the Sage Publishing company and may be affected as well.

    My advice to Iranian authors would be to check with the Editor in Chief before submitting.

    If anyone is aware of other journals being affected by the sanctions, please post a reply.

    Ton van den Bogert