The ESMAC board will establish a European Clinical Practice Guideline for Gait Analysis. The purpose of this action will be to: improve the quality of clinical gait analysis (CGA), assure transparency of data collection and data interpretation, facilitate data sharing, promote CGA as a clinical tool, facilitate insurance reimbursement for CGA, and facilitate the tasks management of gait lab.
We propose 2-year project to achieve this goal using a modified Delphi process that includes experts of CGA (clinicians, engineers, scientists, lab technicians and industry experts).
The guideline will be published at the end of the project according to the AGREE recommendations. All contributors will be listed as co-authors.
This project will be based on the work already done by national societies (CMAS, SIAMOC, SOFAMEA, SMALLL, GAMMA). For instance, the most advanced works are the CMAS Standards ( and the SIAMOC paper (Benedetti et al., 2017).
The first step of this project is to define the scope of the European Clinical Practice Guideline for Gait Analysis and to identify experts of CGA interested to participate.
We will appreciate if you can complete this very brief survey (should only take 5-10 minutes) and share it with colleagues.
The deadline to answer is November 30th .

Thank you very much!


St├ęphane ARMAND
For the Standard group of ESMAC
ESMAC Board member