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    Hi All,

    Please can anyone advise of a reliable company that sells PPG equipment that can acquire a pulsatile waveform and integrate with other equipment, for example ECG, EMG, NIRS etc. The equipment needs to be able to save the PPG signal as a time series signal/waveform, though the software does not need to analyse/process it.

    It is really important that the signal can be combined with other equipment. Most of the equipment we have in our lab achieves this by sending an analogue signal out from its amplifier, these signals are collated and synchronised externally.

    Ideally the system will be CE marked/certified or equivalent, to allow use in clinical research.

    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

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    Re: Ppg

    This is not my area of expertise but I think that most PPG devices these days have digital outputs so if you want an analogue signal you might have to build it yourself - here's a link to something that might work until you can find a CE marked unit:

    The interface is digital but it would be quite simple to generate an analogue signal from the hardware.