together with Bernardo Innocenti from ULB, Bruxelles, I am working on a book titled "Human Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Fundamentals, Devices and Applications". The book will be published next year by Elsevier and is primarily intended as a textbook for engineering students dealing with courses about orthopaedic biomechanics. We are looking for contributors for two chapters, "Muscle biomechanics" and "Ligaments and tendons biomechanics". The chapters should be 4000-7000 words long; the deadline for submission is November 1st, 2020. If anybody is interested in authoring one or both chapters, please send an email together with a short bio/CV highlighting your experience in these specific fields to fabio.galbusera@grupposandonato.it. We will be happy to provide more details and some sample material to interested potential contributors.

Fabio Galbusera