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NBD 2020 Fully Cancelled, Sadly

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  • NBD 2020 Fully Cancelled, Sadly

    Dear NBD Participants, Friends and Colleagues,

    When we postponed NBD 2020 in March to, “a date in October,” we were hopeful the pandemic would have subsided well before that time. Sadly, we have little or no relief from COVID-19 in the U.S. and while many countries are overcoming the pandemic, it remains a serious threat worldwide. We are now officially cancelling NBD 2020 and will push for a successful 2021 event.

    We considered attempting virtual NBDs. However, with so many university Biomechanists struggling to complete their teaching and research responsibilities, with potential major shifts in these over the coming months, and with many high schools uncertain about their situations, we think even virtual NBDs are not warranted for 2020.

    We thank you very much for your participation and support and we look forward to brighter NBDs in future years. Please let me know if there is anything NBD or The Biomechanics Initiative can do for you. While NBD was quiet over the past few months, we will pick up our social media presence. Please see announcements for scholarship programs and other financial benefits in the next few months.


    Paul DeVita, Ph.D.
    Professor, Department of Kinesiology and
    Director, National Biomechanics Day
    East Carolina University

    Phone: 252-737-4563
    Website: The Biomechanics Initiative

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