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EMG Graphs in Real-Time (EGRET) software

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  • EMG Graphs in Real-Time (EGRET) software

    We are excited to announce EMG Graphs in Real-Time (EGRET) first official version is released and available for download!
    EGRET is an easy to use software for collecting and displaying EMG signals in real-time. While the software is able to display and record any type of signal that is connected to its supported Analog to Digital Converters, it is specifically tailored for EMG signals. EGRET can calibrate Motion Lab Systems EMG devices ( in just a couple of clicks to show the amplitude of the signal at the skin level.
    The software records data in a highly efficient binary format, but the users are able to convert the files offline into c3d, ASCII and Matlab formats for further analysis.
    You may download the software from the following link:

    The software will work without the need of a license for one month. It supports DATAQ and MCC (Kistler, Qualisys) boards and can receive data from Biometrics Ltd software.

    Neda Zoj
    Head software engineer

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    We have been talking with Neda Zoj at Neuromote for a while now and I can confirm that the EGRET software works very well. We have been using it with the 32-channel DI720-USB ADC and have just ordered a 64-channel MCC ADC for further testing. Anyone using the Dataq DI720 ADC can download and install the EGRET software to consider updated their data collection and review functionality.


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      Hi Neda,

      Just out of interest, how much does a full licence cost?



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        Hi Dan
        Thanks for your interest.
        The regular price is $985. We offer a $150 discount to biomech-l members by using this coupon: "biomech21" . It will be valid till Jan 10, 2021.
        We do have an online purchase option on our website:

        and the coupon can be used during checkout.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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          EGRET also has a Peak Analysis module which can calculate the amplitude of H-Reflex or MEPs in real-time and plots the results. Given that it can easily convert the amplitude of signals to those at the skin level, EGRET is very helpful for those who also want to do some electrophysiology studies for human movement studies.