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3D scanning with Depth Cameras

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  • 3D scanning with Depth Cameras


    Can anyone offer recommendations for using a depth camera, or attachment like the structure sensor ( to measure variables such as distance, dispalcement, volumes, angles etc. please? I am working with some clinicians who interested in using a non-contact approach to taking measurements which can be repeated and compared several months apart.

    I can see lots of apps for othotics, but none of them seem to explicitly state if the user can do anything other than send the recorded images to manufacturers.

    From what I can tell, there are a few hardware options, but I am struglling to see what the software options are.

    Any help, advice or links will be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    Dear Dr. Robbins,

    Perhaps any of the systems described in the link below can assist in your project:
    Depth Camera Motion Assessment and Markerless Systems

    I hope this information can be useful.
    Best Regards,

    Wagner de Godoy


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      We use the structure scanner to digitize EEG electrodes on the head using this open source matlab code ( I think it could fairly easily be modified for your application. There is a tutorial video included on the github. This code allows you to import a 3D scan and then generates coordinates for any point of interest that you select. You just need a way to reliably select points of interest in the 3D scan.


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        Thank you Wagner and Cortney,

        Those links are very helpful. The YouTube video progressed on to this video outlining the which also looks quite good.