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Human motion tool that calculates joint angles

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  • Human motion tool that calculates joint angles

    Hello - I was planning on using e-Verne in one of my Biomechanics modules but it ran on Flash so isn't working now. Instead I've created this new human motion animator tool which calculates joint angles at the ankle, knee, and hip. You can save 8 different poses and then run a looping animation of these poses. Joint angles at each pose are calculated and plotted on a graph.


    I hope this is of help to some of you - especially if you are doing remote teaching. In my lessons, I taught 8 poses within the gait cycle, had the students recreate those 8 poses in the tool, and then had each student post a picture of their joint angle graphs. I then showed them the expected joint angle graphs for walking, and had them compare their graphs to the expected graphs.

    I also found the tool was fun for other activities as well - such as jumping out of sprinting blocks!

    Please let me know if you have any suggested improvements!

    Jennifer Martay
    Anglia Ruskin University
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    Thanks for sharing


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      There was a request to translate this into Spanish and Portuguese. There is now a tab at the top to switch between these and English!