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    Hi all-
    I've made this EMG analysis tool to let my students play around with analyzing EMG signals (I taught them how to do it in Matlab first and then showed them this as it was more interactive).

    The tool has 5 activities (walking, clapping, punching, jumping, kicking), each with EMG signals from biceps/triceps and quads/hamstrings (taken from an online database). The data can be rectified (full or half wave), high or low pass filtered (with order and frequency specified by user, Butterworth at the moment but thinking about adding more), or given an envelope filter (rectified and low pass filter together). Up to 7 steps can be used, and the plot of each step is provided. Plots can be in the time-domain or frequency-domain.

    There are similar tools available online. The advantage of this tool is that it doesn't require registering or downloading anything. My laptop won't allow me to use the other tools available - so hopefully this tool will help others who also cannot download things (university won't give me admin downloading privileges!).

    This is still a work in progress. Please let me know your comments (both good and bad)!

    Here is an example of the tool: