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Teaching Tool - Neuromuscular EMG Simulation

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  • Teaching Tool - Neuromuscular EMG Simulation

    A neuromuscular EMG teaching tool! The tool shows/explains how action potentials travel from a nerve, through muscle fibres, create EMG traces, and result in muscle contractions. There's a realistic model as well as a simplified model, depending on which level you want to teach to. Use your mouse to drag the two electrodes (green/blue circles) onto the muscle and the EMG trace is plotted below. Try different electrode positionings (beside each other, far apart, one above the other, etc.) and see the effects.

    Please leave any feedback - good or bad - you have of the tool. We want to make it as useful as possible! Please also leave ideas of other similar tools you'd like us to consider making. Thank you - and I hope this is useful!

    Jennifer Martay & Hugo Martay