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  • Need Advice-Biofeedback Study

    Hello Biomech-L Friends,

    Our lab is conducting an EMG biofeedback study in which muscle activity is displayed to participants via biofeedback for training. For this study we will have participants receive feedback for a duration of 5-10 minutes. We would like to display the EMG signal for the entire 5-10 minutes but only collect data for 30 second periods at the beginning, middle and end of each training session. We’d like to be able to display muscle activity as a bar graph.

    TheEMG signal is collected via Delsys Trigno system. Right now we have the ability to run the data directly to Vicon nexus software or to use the Delsys EMG work Acquisition software. We also have visual 3D but haven't used it for any real time data display or acquisition.

    We thought we would use EMGworks Acquisition (Biofeedback operation) however, we ran into a problem. In order to display the Bar Graph using the Delsys Biofeedback, it appears that we have to be collecting (saving and storing) the data. We are concerned that this will require too much computer memory and storage.

    Question: Do any of you have suggestions of how we can display the EMG biofeedback signal for the entire 5-10 minutes but only collect data for 30 second periods either using Vicon Nexus, Delsys EMG works Acquisition, Visual 3D, or some other program?

    Thank you all for your time, consideration and help.

    Carlos Hernandez

    Humboldt State Biomechanics lab

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    Hello Carlos,

    Thanks for sharing! Here are a few ideas that might work for your setup:
    • Nexus can display data streaming without recording.
    • LabChart by ADInstruments provides real-time RMS.
    • EMGworks Analysis allows data to be cut so any unneeded data can then be deleted.
    • The Trigno SDK or Delsys API can be used to develop a customized solution.
    Our support team would be happy to help answer any additional questions and can be reached at