Hi all

I recently read Making Things See by Greg Borenstein and was very excited about using Kinect cameras for motion analysis and building physiotherapy games. Kinect cameras were originally used for Xbox. They have depth cameras so they know where people are in front of them - and also, for example, the angles of their joints. Loads of applications within biomechanics!

Finding the Kinect camera was easy (£10!). The installation process was anything but easy. The instructions are 10 years out of date and written for Windows XP/7; most links end at Apple Support (bought out the Kinect). It took weeks wading through! In case anyone else is interested, I wrote some up-to-date installation instructions. I used Windows 10, SimpleOpenNI 1.96 and Processing 3.5.4 with a Kinect 360 camera. I hope these instructions are helpful if you are interested in doing the same!

Installation instructions are here:
Code to check installation worked, links to example codes, and some required changes to example codes are here:

If you try it out, please let me know how you get on / if anything is unclear / etc.

Thank you!
Jennifer Martay
Anglia Ruskin University