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JBSE (Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering) Updated

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  • JBSE (Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering) Updated

    Dear Colleagues,

    The latest issue of our journal
    "Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering (JBSE)"
    has been published.

    Free online version is now available at

    -------------- Summary of the latest issue --------------
    ・Vol. 16, No. 2: 5 articles (5 research papers)
    JSME-KSB-TSB Joint Issue on “Showcase of researches from JSME, KSB, and TSB”

    --------------- Vol. 16, No. 2 --------------
    Ryo SUDO, Kyehan RHEE, Ming-Shaung JU
    p. 21preface1

    A research tool for biomechanics toward sensory-motor manipulation, Unity 3D
    SuBin KIM, Keun-Tae KIM, Olga KIM, EunYoung SEO, SongJoo LEE

    Biomechanical evaluation of different hallux valgus treatment with plate fixations using single first metatarsal bone model and musculoskeletal lower extremity model
    Kao-Shang SHIH, Ching-Chi HSU, Ting-Wei LIN, Kuan-Ting HUANG, Sheng-Mou HOU

    Reactive astrocytes contribute to decreased blood-brain barrier integrity after impulsive pressure loading in vitro
    Hiromichi NAKADATE, Shigeru AOMURA, Akiyoshi NISHIMURA

    Development of multi-degree-of-freedom hand prosthesis cover with sensory recognition
    Sung Yoon JUNG, Hyo Jong YOO, Seung Gi KIM, Se Hoon PARK, Jin Kuk PARK, Joo-Hyung KIM, Hyunjun SHIN

    Using range of motion to examine the effects of deep brain stimulation on gait function of Parkinson’s disease patients with freezing of gait: a proof-of-concept study
    Ching NIEN, Kai-Hsiang CHEN, Yi-Ning WU, Shueh-Lin CHUANG, Bing-Shiang YANG

    *** About JBSE ***
    JBSE, launched in 2006, is an open-access, international e-journal published as the official journal of the Bioengineering Division, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME-BED), the Korean Society of Biomechanics (KSB), the Taiwanese Society of Biomechanics (TSB), and Asian-Pacific Association for Biomechanics (APAB), published by JSME. The journal covers a wide range of topics in biomechanical engineering and related scientific field.

    On behalf of JBSE editors, we would like to invite you to submit a paper to JBSE. Please visit the website of Instructions for Authors before submitting a paper.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (

    Best regards,
    Eijiro Maeda, JBSE Editor (Public Relations)

    Eijiro Maeda Ph.D. --
    TEL: +81-52-789-2724/ FAX: +81-52-789-2695
    Biomechanics Lab. Graduate School of Engineering
    Nagoya University, Japan