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・Vol. 16, No. 3: 5 articles (5 research papers)
JSME-KSB-TSB Joint Issue on “Showcase of researches from JSME, KSB, and TSB (continued)”

--------------- Vol. 16, No. 3 --------------
Ryo SUDO, Kyehan RHEE, Ming-Shaung JU
p. 21preface2

Difference in chemotaxis of Salmonella cells between serine and aspartic acid
Tonau NAKAI, Yasutoshi HIGASHIDA, Fumiya NAKAMURA, Tomonobu GOTO

Pressures monitored by 3D printed capacitive pressure sensor embedded on prosthetic upper-limb socket; a case study
Sunkon LEE, Hyeonjung KWON, Sung-Yoon JUNG, Hyun-Jun SHIN, Chil-Yong KWON, Joo-Hyung KIM

Human elbow motor learning skills of varying loads: Proof of internal model generation using joint stiffness estimation
Wonseok SHIN, Handdeut CHANG, Jung KIM

Effects of model composition and number of image sources on the accuracy of model-based 3D/2D image registration methods for measuring three-dimensional knee kinematics
Cheng Chung LIN, Hsuan Yu LU, Tung Wu LU

Analysis of membrane structure of the inner ear motor protein prestin by force spectroscopy
Michio MURAKOSHI, Hiroshi WADA

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