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Remembering Marty Sasaki

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  • Remembering Marty Sasaki

    I'm posting this to add something to the history of gait analysis, Marty Sasaki died in September 2009. I met him when he was a programmer working in Dr Shelly Simon's lab at the Boston Children's Hospital, he had created the "Boston Software" a gait analysis software application which was developed from coding in the lab by many other coders in previous years. Marty's release was sold to Oxford Metrics Ltd., and became the first commercial gait analysis software application used by many early Gait Labs to process the clinical gait analysis motion data collections in the early 80's.
    Marty was an excellent programmer and a wonderful kite builder, I'm attaching a small piece of Marty's code from the Boston Software that I expect will make programmers smile, he was a very nice person to work with.
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    I must have unknowingly used that code working with Mike Whittle at Oxford in 1984. I recall the PDP-11 that Mike would boot up every day.
    Kirtley C, Whittle MW, Jefferson RJ. Influence of walking speed on gait parameters. J Biomed Eng. 1985 Oct;7(4):282-8. doi: 10.1016/0141-5425(85)90055-x. PMID: 4057987.