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Combined IMU/EMG suggestions

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  • Combined IMU/EMG suggestions

    Hi all!

    We've been using Cometa's Mini Wave Infinitys in our lab, but because so many people have had issues with them dropping connection a lot we're looking to replace them with a new system. Does anyone have combined EMG/IMU systems that they like?

    Any recommendations you have would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I think the combination of the EMG and IMU sensors is not a good idea. If we reject the wireless network traffic according to sensors sampling rate and resolution. you have to have heavier IMU sensors and you have to attach IMU to near the muscle bulk. So, you have a strong wobbling mass effect. I prefer to use a separate system.


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      Delsys is a great option for EMG/IMU system.


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        Originally posted by Ryland Swearinger View Post
        ... many people have had issues with them dropping connection ...
        You might want to look at systems with Clinical Approvals because documenting data reliability is a significant factor when applying for clinical approval. In the USA, applying for clinical FDA 510k approval means that the device has to be shown to be both safe and accurate.