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PC-CRASH 13 License Up For Grabs

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  • PC-CRASH 13 License Up For Grabs

    I find myself with one too many licenses of PC-CRASH 13 and would like to pass that over to someone else. The license was purchased but its need never materialized in any real use, so instead of just sitting on an expensive license, we were hoping to sell it at a discount to someone who could use.

    For those unfamiliar, here is what PC-CRASH is:
    PC-Crash™ is a Windows™ collision & trajectory simulation tool that enables the accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents. Results are viewed as 3D-animations and detailed reports, tables and graphs.

    As stated above, the version is 13.0.

    (I’m unsure if this is the right place for this sort of inquiry. If it isn’t, I apologize.)