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Podcast and talk on surgical robotics that might be of interest

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  • Podcast and talk on surgical robotics that might be of interest

    It's been some time since I was active in musculoskeletal biomechanics. I redirected to commercial surgical robotics and surgical simulation for minimally invasive surgery training quite a few years back.

    Krystyna saw some posts I did on LinkedIn a few weeks back and she suggested I post here since she thought some of you might find these of interest. I've now worked on 9 commercial surgical robotics systems development efforts as well as many commercially available surgical simlators for minimally invasive surgery. Recently, I decided to start putting time into summarizing some of my experiences.

    One posting is a podcast episode I was on recently where Paul Galluzzo, head of the medical device practice at The Technology Partnership of Cambridge, England, and I bantered back and forth on the state of commercial surgical robotics:

    Surgical robotics are all the rage right now - but are they better than humans? Are they too expensive? Do we even really need them? To find out, join us on Invent: Health, a podcast brought to you by technology and product development company TTP.

    TTP has worked on quite a few surgical robots and image guidance systems for both the largest device companies as well as startups. They were my favorite development firm when we hired basically all of those types of firms when I worked on Covidien/Medtronic's surgical robot.

    The other posting is that I uploaded an updated deck on a talk I gave on "Building a surgical robotics startup to succeed." The talk can be found here:

    It is a pretty detailed layout of the state of the commercial surgical robotics market in the front portion of the talk.

    If you want the updated deck, the quickest way to get it is to go to the LinkedIn post which has the deck in it:

    For the "Building a Surgical Robotics Company to Succeed" talk mentioned last week, the deck is on the site with the video but you need to get an account to…

    I have several more talks I have done in the past year that I am planning to eventually post onto LinkedIn as well. Will cross post them here if there is interest


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    Thanks for the post Dwight, It's nice to see you again after all these years and very interesting to see today's robotics world.