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Looking for collaboration in biomechanics

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  • Looking for collaboration in biomechanics

    Collaboration description

    I am the head of a biomechanics laboratory and I am looking for collaboration. The laboratory occupies an area of 147 m2, with a BTS enviroment: 10 camera - motion capture system, 8 force plates, 16 channel wireless electromyograph, 1 workstation and 1 inertial sensor.

    Skills & Experience

    I am looking for collaborators with skills or experience in data processing or digital signal processing or Python or Matlab or Labview. My background is in kinesiology and I have all the above cited equipment to collect data, but I don´t have the skills to process it.


    I offer the opportuniy of collecting high quality data, publishing collaborative papers in exchange of the data processing analysis.


    The laboratory is located at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre - Brazil. The Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul is a non-profit higher education institution dedicated to teaching, research and extension. It has a very strong relationship with society, in an effort to provide training to responsible, independent, innovative and charitable citizens with an eye to the scientific, cultural, social and economic development. As civil society institution, PUCRS recognizes the democratic and Republican values of the Rule of Law, by respecting the fundamental rights and human dignity.
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    I am Ruhollah Basatnia, a Ph.D. student in sports biomechanics from Bu Ali Sina University. My field of work is the study of changes in human movements in the context of complex systems. In this area, I have a great need for motion data that has been recorded with high accuracy and precision, and I am ready to publish the results of these studies jointly in related journals.
    I will be very happy if this cooperation takes place.
    Good luck.


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      About Looking for collaboration in biomechanics Hi Ruhollah I am glad to hear from you. Let´s arrange a zoom meeting to discuss this possibility. Can you send me an email?


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        Hi Rafael,

        I Iead a Biomechanics Lab and Research Group in the UK ( I am experienced in data analysis in software such as Matlab and Visual3D and would be happy to discuss potential collaborations with you. I am sure that if I cannot help you myself, I will be able to introduce a colleague who can help you.

        Kind regards