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Request for Undergraduate Syllabi and Online Teaching Tips

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  • Request for Undergraduate Syllabi and Online Teaching Tips

    Hello All:
    I will be teaching fully online undergraduate biomechanics to Kinesiology students starting in the Fall. The course is required and prerequisites only include anatomy and basic algebra. In the past I taught a similar course but with a physics prerequisite. Class cap is 100 students so I intend to make all assignments and exams fully automated on Canvas.
    Those of you who teach similar courses could you please help me prepare this course? First, would you mind sharing syllabi? This would help me know how much I can expect to teach a group of kinesiology students without physics. Second, I would appreciate any tips on how to make this class less painful for the students (and me). When I agreed to teach the class I thought it was going to be in-person or hybrid and I had grand plans for a team-based-learning approach (with help from Duane Knudson) but I don't believe that approach is feasible in a fully online format. Also please share any other resources that might be helpful.
    Thank you in advance!
    Best wishes,