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Is OpenSim still being updated/developed?

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  • Is OpenSim still being updated/developed?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been out of the loop regarding OpenSim and I am curious about its current state. Not that long ago it seemed that it was on its way to becoming the default biomechanics platform, but from what I am currently seeing, it seems that there haven't been any new developments on it.

    I am seeing new papers being published using it, but I get the feeling that it won't receive any major new capabilities, which means it's mostly useful for gait and lower limb analyses.
    I sure hope this isn't the case, but am I wrong for thinking that the project has lost some steam and its community is not developing any new tools for it?

    I would appreciate any thoughts regarding the state of the project.


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    You can check here:

    Best regards,


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      Hi Dimitros,

      Member of the OpenSim team at Stanford, here. We are indeed still developing OpenSim. Heiko shared the links to our source code repository, which shows development activity. You can also read more about our recent software releases at the link below (including a link to learn about the beta version of OpenSim 4.4).

      Some recent areas of focus are the ability to analyze data from IMU sensors, as well as optimal control approaches via direct collocation (through Moco). Our team also has a few presentations at the World Congress of Biomechanics about OpenSim and related software, in case you will join the conference. We also have many community members outside Stanford sharing additional models, data, and code. Some of those are featured in our webinar series:

      Perhaps we have seemed more "dormant" due to a slow-down in person events at conferences, etc. due to Covid. We hope to bring those back, soon, as well.



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        Hi Jen,

        Thank you and your team for all the hard work you are doing. I really appreciate the insight.
        Ironically, I stopped using OpenSim some time ago because I needed to analyze IMUs and run some optimal control. Glad to know these features are added.
        As I said, I have been out of the loop regarding OpenSim (partly due to Covid as well) so I wasn't sure about the full picture. Thanks for clearing that up.

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