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Looking for more gait patterns in recreational runners.

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  • Looking for more gait patterns in recreational runners.

    I use a physics-based model to search for general gait patterns in recreational runners. When the model indicates a possible pattern, I look for confirmation in published research. So far the system has revealed three correlations which I have found in the literature: StepFrequency versus Leglegth, Mass Specific Power versus Velocity and a minimum in MSP, as reflected in VO2 consumption, at a runner's Preferred Step Frequency (PSF)

    Now I am looking for research that might indicate a correlation between added mass, such as a back pack or a weight belt, and step frequency (SF). If you know of any work on this topic involving a number of subjects, I would appreciate a reference.

    Ted Andresen
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    I don't know about the items you are looking for but I was working with a military gait lab for a little while many years ago and they were collecting data to investigate the effects of added mass to soldiers as they walked and ran ... It was an military lab so while I was just trying to help them verify some of the data they were collecting, we did not have any detailed discussions with about the analysis of the data. We were just being conventional a long time ago so it's possible that some military research results in this area might now be available for academic use?


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      WOW! Thank you Ed. That is a great idea. I will try to connect with some of the military training basis and see if they can direct me to any research in my area of interest. Thanks again.


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        Hi Ted, I would check out the work of Rodger Kram and co. They have done quite a bit on body weight support, reduced gravity, added mass, etc.
        University of Colorado Boulder - Cited by 19,268 - Locomotion biomechanics and energetics


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          That was a great idea Justin. I connected with Rodger and he sent me some research papers that answered my question. It worked out beautifully.
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            Hi, hopefully not too late but the work I was thinking of is:


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              Hello Loubna,

              This is an incredibly interesting paper. Thank you very much. I was truly amazed at the way that they utilized body-worn IMU’s. I had worked on certifying large heavy IMU’s for space craft and launch vehicles. I am delighted that the smaller versions are so well accepted in the research community.

              The obstacle course included many of the demands that are encountered on the battlefield.

              I would suggest that others take a look at this research, including some of the papers cited in the footnotes.

              Again, thank you for the reference.