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The annual Mimi Covert Memorial Lectureship

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  • The annual Mimi Covert Memorial Lectureship

    This is a memorial lecture at the SIU School of Medicine dedicated to Mimi Covert who setup the original gait analysis lab at Southern Illinois University, this was one of the first clinical gait labs that I helped setup and install their Vicon system with force plates. Mimi was murdered about a year after running the lab, she stopped in the winter to try and help someone who she thought was having problems with their car. Mimi's death has always made me sad but we helped the lab get everything up and running afterwards and I have so many wonderful memories of working with her. I was trying to contact SIU to share a few pictures that I took with Mimi when we were getting the lab setup but have not been able to reach anyone at SIU to share them.
    If anyone reading this will attend the SIU memorial lecture then please copy these pictures and give them to SIU for Mimi's memorial.
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