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JBSE (Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering) Updated

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  • JBSE (Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering) Updated

    Dear Colleagues,

    The latest issue of our journal
    "Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering (JBSE)"
    has been published.

    Free online version is now available at

    Since January 2022, the journal web address has been changed as follows, so please update your bookmark:

    -------------- Summary of the latest issues --------------
    ・Vol. 17, No. 4
    1 Review, 4 research articles
    -------------- Vol. 17, No. 4 --------------
    Investigation of mechanosensing and mechanoresponse mechanisms in osteoblasts and osteocytes: in vitro experiments targeting subcellular components
    Nobuhiko NAKAO, Taiji ADACHI

    Digital testing device to measure the active range of motion of finger joints using an RGB-D camera
    Huu-Hieu QUANG, Yoshifumi MORITA, Noritaka SATO, Makoto TAKEKAWA

    Effects of external signals on neural oscillator stability
    Naoko TAMADA, Yoshimori KIRIYAMA

    Assessing the friction properties of synovial joint lubrication by tracking pendulum motion
    Yuma SAKAI, Masahiro TODOH

    Measurement of contact stress between clothing and skin using thin and flexible triaxial stress sensor
    Ryuto KAMATA, Kazuhiko SASAGAWA, Kazuhiro FUJISAKI
    *** About JBSE ***
    JBSE, launched in 2006, is an open-access, international e-journal published as the official journal of the Bioengineering Division, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME-BED), the Korean Society of Biomechanics (KSB), the Taiwanese Society of Biomechanics (TSB), and Asian-Pacific Association for Biomechanics (APAB), published by JSME. The journal covers a wide range of topics in biomechanical engineering and related scientific fields.

    On behalf of JBSE editors, we would like to invite you to submit a paper to JBSE. Please visit the website of Instructions for Authors before submitting a paper.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (
    Eijiro Maeda Ph.D. --
    TEL: +81-52-789-2724/ FAX: +81-52-789-2695
    Biomechanics Lab. Graduate School of Engineering
    Nagoya University, Japan