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  • MoCap - Double sided tape

    Dear MoCap colleagues,

    I'm in charge to buy some new double sided tape for the passive markers during MoCap. We are doing physical measurements so facing a lot of sweating and dynamic movements. Do you have any advice for good double sided tapes (or the ones to avoid) ? Taking all recommandations !

    Best regards,

    Youri Duchene

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    Try looking at local shops that support wigs and hair extensions, typically a wig is secured onto the skull with double-sided tape on windy days (LOL).
    Ask for tape that is safe to apply to the skin, not just the hair so that you minimize the risk of any skin reactions. We offer rolls of double-sided tape 1 inch wide by 108 inches long for $4.75 - basically any good wig tape will secure passive markers well, although if the subject is sweating a lot then you might need to add additional tape around the markers to hold them in place and stop them moving on the skin surface.


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      I agree with Edmund. For extra strong, but still suitable for sensitive skin, a make-up artist for a national ballet company recommended specific double-sided wig tape available through specialized hairdresser shops. It worked very well for me.


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        Thanks a lot for your answers, I'll definitely look at wig tape !