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Pressure sensing insole recommendations?

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  • Pressure sensing insole recommendations?

    Hello Everyone,

    Our lab here at Cal Poly Humboldt was interested in purchasing some pressure sensing insoles. In our lab we primarily focus on locomotion based biomechanics ranging from walking to sprinting. I was curious if anyone had any recommendations for some pressure sensing insoles that were research quality. Ideally insoles that can be integrated with our Vicon motion capture system as well as collected at a high enough frequency for sprinting movements.

    Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

    Thank you for your time,

    Ricardo Sanchez

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    I have not seen anyone doing this for many years but I remember working with some users years ago - the issues that they were seeing were that the pressure sensing insoles were very difficult to calibrate - we talked about it back then and I thought that the data that the insoles were generating was interesting but they were only seeing a indications, not physical measurements. That's probably very helpful creating indications of what's happening but without technical calibrations it's not "data", it was just a useful signal. I expect that the Vicon system will do a good data collection but a calibration to verify the insole pressure values recorded may require quite a bit of work.