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How to analyse 2 platforms at the same time?

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  • How to analyse 2 platforms at the same time?

    I want to analyse the values, during a jump, at 2 platforms at the same time. The athlete start the movement with one feet in each platform. Should I sum the values in both? Values of Fx, Fy and Fz.

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    This is just a thought about your questions, I haven't had to work with processing force data for many years now so I'm not certain that my thoughts are accurate.
    I'd suggest just starting with a few similar but different actions, collecting the data and then reviewing your processing and results. Have an athlete start by just doing a jump from only one plate and then again from the other plate - the same basic jumps should look pretty much the same. Then collect the data from a jump on both plates and review the combined results. Basically Fz is the vertical force applied by the athlete but Fx and Fy are location specific so they are probably more complex to process, indicating where the Fz is applied on each plate so you would probably need to know the location relationships between the two plates to process the data.


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      This link might help you:


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        Dear Dr. Schwartz,

        Perhaps the Kistler platform manual will help you in your search. Please, see the links below:
        "Global coordinate system (treat multiple force plates as one)"


        Equations shown on the Kwon 3d webpage look similar, with the calculation of the resultant forces/moments and CoP for a platform with 4 load cells.
        Thank you for your attention,

        Wagner de Godoy

        Note: I'm very happy to meet Mr. Edmund Cramp again.