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Seeking MS/PhD Students for Joint Biomechanics Research

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  • Seeking MS/PhD Students for Joint Biomechanics Research

    The Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab at the University of Kansas is
    seeking domestic students (US citizens or permanent residents) to join
    the lab as financially supported Master's and especially Doctoral
    Students. Applicants should have undergraduate and/or graduate GPA
    above 3.5/4.0, a quantitative GRE score above 740, and strong technical
    writing skills.

    Why apply and come to KU for graduate school? The Musculoskeletal
    Biomechanics Lab ( has a strong, vibrant and
    growing research program under the direction of Dr. Ken Fischer. The
    primary thrust of the research is the analysis of in vivo joint
    mechanics during functional loading, using a combination of MRI imaging
    and computational modeling. Additional research projects are also
    described on the lab website. The Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab is
    funded by both NIH and NSF. The Mechanical Engineering Department,
    Bioengineering Graduate Program, and the School of Engineering offer
    additional scholarships and financial support. If you want more
    reasons KU is a great place for graduate school check out our lab "Why
    KU?" link (, which also links to the
    official "Why KU?" webpage (

    Applicants for the specific positions described above should first
    contact Dr. Fischer ( regarding their qualifications.
    Applicants have the choice of entering the Mechanical Engineering
    Department ( or the Bioengineering Graduate
    Program (, and must make a formal application to
    one of these degree programs. These programs have varying entrance and
    program requirements described on their respective websites.

    For further information and/or to make application, contact Dr. Fischer

    Ken Fischer, PhD
    Mechanical Engineering - University of Kansas
    Learned Hall
    1530 W 15th St, Room 3138
    Lawrence, KS 66045-7609
    Tel: 785-864-2994, FAX: 785-864-5254, Sec: 785-864-3181