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Research Fellow start-up package at the University of Oulu

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  • Research Fellow start-up package at the University of Oulu

    Research Fellow start-up package in Biomedical Engineering at the
    University of Oulu, Finland

    Applications are invited for a highly skilled, motivated investigator
    in Biomedical Engineering to build up his/her research group at the
    University of Oulu (, and conduct high
    international standard research in collaboration with the existing
    research groups. The applicant is expected to perform and supervise
    research, seek and obtain external research funding, attract and
    supervise high-quality PhD students, publish papers in prestigious
    refereed journals and supervise graduate and undergraduate students.
    The appointee will be expected to interact with other scientists
    across the University in a multidisciplinary fashion and to extend and
    interlink the existing research strengths of the University.

    Research topic

    The research topic is expected to be within the following research area:

    Multimodal characterization and modeling of tissues and organs

    To understand the behavior of living body at system level, we need
    multimodal characterization and modeling of the molecules, cells,
    tissues, organs and whole body. High-resolution multimodal imaging is
    a key tool for this characterization. Computational methods offer a
    powerful tool for modeling the normal and pathologic physiology using
    information obtained at different hierarchical levels and modalities.
    Development and application of novel multi-hierarchical image and
    signal analysis, modeling and computational methodology is highly
    important for understanding the background behind e.g. the
    musculoskeletal problems, and for discovering feasible therapies for
    these problems.

    An expert capable to work with interdisciplinary research questions is
    under search for effective and innovative application, combination and
    development of these methods. The infrastructure and highly skilled,
    motivated researchers offers the possibility to be in the forefront in
    research obtaining new knowledge with multimodal high-resolution
    imaging and characterization.


    The up-to-date in vivo imaging modalities include e.g. CT, MRI, SPECT,
    x-ray imaging, optical imaging, and ultrasound. The University of Oulu
    is currently establishing a small animal imaging core facility
    covering these different modalities for preclinical research. In
    addition, the state-of-the-art clinical facilities are available.

    Tissue and material level in vitro characterization facilities include
    e.g. materials testing devices for mechanical tests, histology, atomic
    force microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy, optical
    microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, contact
    angle measurements, and nanoindentation (in the collaborator labs).
    The laboratory has powerful image processing and computational tools,
    and access to the national computing services ( The
    transgenic animal unit of the Laboratory Animal Center of the
    university is the national representative of the European ESFRI road
    map (The European infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of
    model mammalian genomes).

    Research environment

    The research group of the Research Fellow will be positioned to the
    Department of Medical Technology, Institute of Biomedicine
    ( directed by Prof. Timo
    Jämsä. The department received excellent evaluation in the Research
    Assessment Exercise (RAE2007) of the university, and was nominated as
    Center of Excellence in Research. The current research focus of the
    Department of Medical Technology is bone and cartilage biomechanics
    and imaging.

    The main research areas of the Institute of Biomedicine include 1)
    cell-matrix research, 2) cardiovascular biology, 3) diseases of the
    neuro-musculo-skeletal system, and 4) metabolism, nutrition and

    The research topic is multidisciplinary, and links with several
    departments and institutes within the university, including WellTech
    Oulu (, Infotech Oulu (,
    Biocenter Oulu (, and Oulu University Hospital

    Start-up package

    The Research Fellow start-up package is 150.000 ?/year up to 5 years.
    The funding can be used for the salary of the Research Fellow, for
    salaries of PhD student(s) and/or assistive staff, and for laboratory,
    travel and other consumption costs. The salary will be based on the
    levels 5-7 of the demand level chart for university-level teaching and
    research staff of the salary system of Finnish universities, the
    job-specific component of the salary thus being 2682,80 ? 3 618,82 ?
    per month depending on qualification and experience. In addition, a
    salary component based on personal work performance will be paid
    (maximum of 46.3 % of the job-specific component). The title of the
    post will be either post-doctoral research fellow or senior research
    fellow, depending on the candidate?s experience and qualifications.

    The candidate should have a PhD in an appropriate science or
    engineering discipline, evidence on successful post-doctoral research
    and shown capability to obtain competitive external funding.

    Free-form applications, including CV, publication list, other
    documents describing academic merits and skills, and description of
    the planned research are to be delivered to the following address:
    University of Oulu, Kirjaamo/Office of Registrar, PO Box 8000 (Street
    address: Pentti Kaiteran katu 1), FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland
    or by e-mail to kirjaamo(at) by December 3rd, 2010 before 3:00
    p.m. local time. Application documents will not be returned.

    Additional information

    Prof. Timo Jämsä
    Email timo.jamsa(at)