HALMSTAD UNIVERSITY invites applications for the vacant position of
- a full time permanent position at the Department of Business and Technology.

Halmstad University´s strategic profile includes three areas of strength – development of Organisations, Products and Quality of Life. The research group Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics and Health is mainly tied to the area of Quality of Life. The research is carried out in exercise physiology, sport biomechanics and biomedicine related to physical activity. The emphasis is on muscle structure and function in sickness, health and performance and span from cellular level to whole body function. There is also a close collaboration with other sports related research in psychology, health sciences, nursing and healthcare technology. www.hh.se

There are two bachelor programmes linked to the field: Biomedicine – Exercise Training and Biomechanical Engineer – Human-technology and a one year master programme: Sport and Exercise Science – Human Performance

Job description:
The work duties include theoretical and practical teaching in Swedish and English, tutoring in (Exercise) Physiology, Exercise Science, research methods, and other related subjects depending on the applicants qualifications in different level as well as active research related to the fields (in a wide definition) Exercise Physiology or Sport Biomechanics. Duties also include some administrative tasks.

“Those qualified for appointment as a senior lecturer are, except in disciplines in the fine, applied performing arts, a person who has demonstrated teaching expertise and been awarded a PhD or has the corresponding research competence or some other professional expertise that is of value in view of the subject matter of the post and the duties that it will involve. …” Ordinance Chapter 4, section 4 (2010:1064)

In addition to the general qualifications listed above, Halmstad University requires that a senior lecturer has successfully completed teacher training for the higher education sector or in some other way acquired the equivalent skills and expertise. In case someone do not fulfill these requirements, the qualification must be acquired within two years from the starting date of the employment.

The applicant is furthermore presumed to be engaged in exercise related research within the fields of Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Sport Biomechanics or Sports Medicine. Since teaching is to be carried out in Swedish as well as in English, adequate skills in both languages are required.

Assessment criteria
The assessment criteria for appointment as a senior lecturer shall be the degree of the expertise required as a qualification for employment. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of other qualifying criteria laid down in the first paragraph above ( i. e. the research competence). Each higher education institution determines itself what assessment criteria are otherwise to apply to the appointment of a senior lecturer. Ordinance Chapter 4, section 4 (2010:1064)

Halmstad University has decided on the following assessment criteria (besides research competence and teaching expertise) for the appointment of senior lecturers: administrative skills, the ability to develop and lead activities and staff, involvement in cooperative ventures with the wider community and the ability to disseminate information relating to research and development work.

Salary is to be settled by negotiation. Please enter a statement of the salary level required in the application.

For further information please contact Marie Mattson, head of the science department, Sofia Brorsson, senior lecturer, or alternatively union representatives Inger Wieslander, lecturer (SACO) or Robert Pettersson, technician (OFR). They can all be reached at: +46 35 16 71 00.

Please quote ref no SET 2/11and provide Halmstad University with your application on March 7, 2011, at the latest. Please e-mail your application (except publications) to registrator@hh.se and send the complete application (in the form of three packages as stated below) to Högskolan i Halmstad, Registrator, Kristian IV:s väg 3, 302 50 HALMSTAD.

All applications should consist of three ready-made packages, each containing:
- a personal letter ,
- a short statement covering the applicant’s scholarly and teaching merits together with other areas of experience,
- an attested curriculum vitae/list of qualifications with statement of references, clearly documented and attested with enclosed certificates,
- a list of publications,
- a maximum of eight cited publications,
- attested documents which demonstrate the applicant’s ability to develop and lead research and teaching activities and staff concerned, in addition to demonstrating experience in the development of extra-mural and community-wide cooperation and the administrative skills in general, and
- a statement of the salary level required.

All copies should be attested. The University must receive any complementary materials no later than three weeks after closing date.