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  • Post-Doc Fellowships at Marquette University

    Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training in Pediatric to Adult Transition for Engineers

    Postdoctoral trainees in this program will experience a course of study designed to provide each candidate with a unique set of capabilities to succeed as a rehabilitation researcher. We have incorporated three essential elements into the training program: (1) Didactics, (2) Mentored Research Areas and (3) Collegial and Collaborative Activities. Fellowship research requirements include the successful submission of an intramural proposal, pilot study completion and refinement, multiple journal article submissions, and completion/submission of two extramural proposals. The capstone experience for the postdoctoral trainees is the completion of a sponsored workshop in their field of study with nationally recognized leaders in attendance.

    Active contribution and strong participation in research resides at the core of this ARRT program. There are three Research Areas (RAs) to support opportunities for career oriented contributions to the field of pediatric to adult transition. The RAs are Function and Outcomes Assessment, Biomaterials and Skeletal Biology, and Motion and Mobility. A team of mentors with qualifications specific to each of these RAs will support candidates entering the program to enhance their current skills and offer additional, high level training and experience.

    In totality the program offers directed mentorship, research training, and formal didactic components. It includes a cross-disciplinary course structure for all fellows. Trainees attend courses, symposia and seminars in four in-depth areas, which include Evidence Based Research, Scientific Writing and Grantsmanship, Biostatistics and Outcomes Assessment, and Motion and Mobility Analysis. As part of the professional development of the postdoctoral trainees and to increase their exposure to rehabilitation research, cross-disciplinary teaching is encouraged. At the completion of the program, all trainees will have completed necessary pilot work, will have written and submitted several journal manuscripts, will have prepared two extramural proposals, and will have gained experience in managing a functional research team. The program also includes support for career planning and job search assistance.

    The ARRT Fellow will also have an opportunity to participate in the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technologies for Children with Orthopedic Disabilities, a national center funded by the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

    Qualifications: Successful completion of a doctoral program in Biomedical Engineering or related engineering discipline, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Psychology (preferably Clinical Psychology) with a rehabilitation focused dissertation topic and evidence of a strong interest in research including a minimal level of productivity such as 2-3 published abstracts, at least two submitted manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals and a history of at least two national-level presentations

    To apply for the position go to and create an application. The position number is 0601187 and the Department is Orthopedic Research.

    If you have questions about the position, you may contact Deborah Epps at