CISTIB – Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
C/ Tánger, 122-140
08018 Barcelona - Spain

Reference: OR-100115

The candidate will develop of 3D anatomical modeling methods of musculoskeletal structures from medical images (CT-scan, MRI and DXA). One of the most challenging tasks will be to model multi-object systems, such as the hip joint or the vertebral unit, including bones structures, ligaments and muscles. The method will be based on statistical models, taking advantage of the large experience of CISTIB in this field. Concrete applications of this research work will be developed to provide a better prevention of pathologies such as osteoporosis and low back pain. Previous experience in modeling from medical imaging, image processing or biomechanics is required. This work will be carried out in the framework of European and Catalan projects leaded by the Orthopedics group of CISTIB and conducted in close collaboration with clinical partners.

To apply, please email a detailed CV to and to