The institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics ( of the University of Bern seeks applicants for a postdoctoral position in the Computational Bioengineering Group. The postdoctoral position is available for an exciting multidisciplinary project merging the fields of medical imaging, computer vision, computational biomechanics and ophthalmic technology. The project will have both theoretical and applied research, and it will be performed in close contact with our industrial and clinical partners.

This position involves the development of novel software and algorithms to accelerate mechanical simulations by combining statistical shape models and databases of pre-calculated finite element results. The field of application of the proposed algorithms will be planning of ophthalmic refractive surgeries. Over the past decade, surgical procedures to improve visual acuity by cutting or vaporizing corneal tissue became extremely popular. The large number of interventions performed worldwide raises the need for improved patient safety and predictability of the surgical outcome. Recently, we developed a software tool able to plan patient-specific refractive surgeries. This tool relies on a biomechanical model of the human cornea, but calculation time remains a factor limiting its wide acceptance by the clinical community. The objective of the successful candidate will be to significant speed up of the overall simulation process by combining statistical shape models, pre-calculated mechanical results and linearization of the biomechanical material law.

This position is funded by a grant from the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency. Therefore, the candidate filling this position will also work toward the integration of the results of his research into a commercial product. The candidate must have strong communication skills, be willing to work with ophthalmic surgeons and have the ability to combine basic research activities with industrial collaborations.

We are looking for a motivated, proactive person with a Ph.D. in computer science, biomedical imaging and/or engineering. Experience with any of the following would be a distinct advantage:
- Experience in statistical shape modeling
- Experience with software development and engineering in 3D medical imaging
- Proficiency in C/C++
- Finite element analysis
- Experience working in a multidisciplinary environment
- Excellent communication skills
- Hands-on experience with open-source image analysis libraries (ITK/VTK)

The position is available from January 2012 for an 18-months duration. Interested candidates should send their resumes with references and school transcripts to:

Dr. Philippe Büchler
Institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics
University of Bern
Stauffacherstrasse 78
CH-3014 Bern
Tel. +41 31 631 59 47
Fax +41 31 631 59 60